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Our Masterclasses were driven from years of experience working in bars and restaurants, creating fabulous cocktails. So we thought, why not offer this exclusive service to customers in the comfort of their own home.

As a Moretti drinking young man, I was converted to Cocktail drinker whilst I worked at the Slug and Lettuce. This is where I fully got invested in making delicious cocktails and I haven’t looked back since.

The Slug and Lettuce in Bedford is the place which first introduced me into the world of Cocktails and working at Bar 49 at Tattershall Lakes gave me the chance to extend my knowledge in the art of mixology.

During the second lockdown, I completed various mixology courses to improve my repertoire in cocktail making.

Also during the second lockdown, me and my family had the idea of creating cocktail boxes to enjoy in the comfort of your own home! Within a year, I have my own studio, portable bar and I am booked up most weekends providing masterclasses for all kinds of parties.

George Drury


Mixology is an exciting discipline that combines an appreciation of classic cocktails and cocktail culture with a desire to create new cocktail recipes with a forward-thinking culinary approach.

Cocktail Specialist
Bar Tender


Masterclasses range from around 2-3 hours and Mocktail Classes normally last around 2 hours.
A Strainer is the perfect tool to prevent ice from being poured into the serving glass. If you do not have a cocktail strainer, you can also use a small nylon strainer instead.
Add all the ingredients you are wanting in the cocktail, with a scoop of ice and then shake vigorously for 20 seconds. The benefit of shaking is that the drink is rapidly mixed, chilled and freshened; after the cocktail has been shaken, the outside of the shaker will be lightly frosted. Shaking a cocktail also dilutes the drink significantly. The dilution is a necessary part of the cocktail making process and gives shaken recipes the correct balance of taste, strength and temperature.
The answer is, you do neither. Because the Prosecco is so bitter, and the Pornstar Martini is so sweet, the Prosecco acts as a pallet cleanser. You are meant to sip the Pornstar Martini and then sip the shot of Prosecco to have a better Cocktail experience.
All of my cocktail boxes serve 2 Delicious cocktails.
All of the Drinks by Drury premixes last within 5 days but they last 10 days when they have been refrigerated.
At this moment in time, I do not provide garnishes inside the boxes. But it is something I am looking at adding in the future